Maurice's Virtual Orangery Project

Maurice Carlin has responded to the Orangery site with a series of short videos of the building. The artist has then invited members of the YouTube community to create ‘REACTION’ videos. REACTION videos typically involve viewers filming their first-time responses, while watching new pop videos, TV episodes and movie trailers. Varying in ‘style’ from what appears as acted simulations of spontaneity to a more ‘natural’ engagement, the films elevate the viewer to the role of protagonist, while the soundtrack to their viewing is relegated to the background.
In Carlin’s films beams of blue light search the grounds of the building after dark, picking out details of cobbles, litter and headstones, while the sounds of trains, motor vehicles and aeroplanes can be heard in the distance. The sources of lighting are the ‘blue screens of death’ (the no-signal default of digital devices), jpeg images of ‘computer error’ screens, posted online by desperate users seeking advice on their PC’s malfunction.

Maurice's Biography

Maurice Carlin’s work merges performance, place and publishing to produce dialogues between digital and physical experience. In 2007, he co-founded Islington Mill Art Academy, a peer-led experiment into alternative modes of art education. His work has been featured in publications including Frieze, The Guardian and Art Monthly. Recent shows include The Negligent Eye, The Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool (2014), Self-Interruption, Jack Chiles Gallery, New York (2013), First...Next...Then...Finally, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (2013), Blanco Blanco, La Escocesa, Barcelona (2012), Self Publisher and Other Works, Banner Repeater, London (2011), How to Stay Awake, MCP, Antwerp (2011).