Giles Bailey's Virtual Orangery Project

Giles Bailey’s work is a dystopian analogue to the empty, virtual space of the Orangery’s digital model. Echoing the movements of the simulated camera in the computer-generated environment, the video will insert a single protagonist into this unpopulated world. Traces of actions and fragments of text respond to the projected, imaginary future the digital model proposes and introduce a narrative constructed from the literary touchstones that make such a place intelligible.

Giles Bailey's Biography

Giles Bailey works largely with performance to rethink conventional approaches to assembling and recounting history. Using texts, video fragments and choreographies - either composed himself or strategically plundered from elsewhere - these works propose a historiographic model that acknowledges doubt, subjectivity and reduction as inevitable factors when making sense of past events. Recent exhibitions and performances have been presented at KW Institute, Berlin; Outpost, Norwich; Arnolfini, Bristol (all 2013); Cage, New York (2012) and Van Horbourg, Basel (2011).